Many of my clients struggle with the negative self talk that goes on in their head. They know what it's like to miss opportunities because of fear of failing or even fearing success. Constantly battling with their own self worth, judgment of others or themselves and often wonder if they will every reach their full potential, find fulfillment or truly have the confidence and talent to succeed. 

I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you because there is power inside of you.  In fact, reading this shows that you're on your way to greatness!

I'm J.J. Villar, Transformational Peak Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Creative Artist, Award Winning World Champion performer, founder of The Little Inner Critic Bootcamp and licensed Neuroencoding Specialist. I help my clients turn their self destructive negative self talk into the fire that fuels their success.


Majority of my life has been spent creating characters and taking on different identities both on and off the stage as a professional performer. Even before I ever hit the stage or was on camera, I was creating character at home often times just to be able to survive and succeed in life. When I work with clients or mentor teenager and young adults, I'm frequently asked how is it that I don't fear my internal voice and how am I able to adapt and thrive in anything I put my mind to? Usually, I chuckle at the thought and let them know that I understand where they are because I too fear my internal voice, the only difference is I was able to change my relationship with fear. I let them know that after years of training and trial and error, I'm no longer afraid and I mastered how to understand and respect my internal dialogue and figured out a way how to help people turn their Inner Critic from their enemy to their ally. 

It's not easy going around life constantly having a battle with your own thoughts. Living in fear of what others might think of you or thinking low of yourself. Believing that you don't deserve the level of success you have or petrified that you will never be good enough to be more than what you are or have more than what you have. Struggling with procrastination, lacking the motivation or confidence to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, living in fear of failing or being scared of succeeding were things I lived with and is the reason why I got obsessed with learning how to overcome my negative self talk and be a master of my own emotional fitness. 

"What if people think I'm a fraud?"
"What if there is someone better than me?
"I'm never going to be good enough?


I know these questions and feelings all too well and it is a heartbreaking place to live. The world can be a mean and ugly place and our Inner Critic can be a big bad bully that will ruin our lives if we let it. Clients come to me when they have hit a ceiling in their own personal growth. When they are at a cross roads in their life that they are willing to do whatever it takes to not allow their own fears and limiting beliefs about themselves overpower their life choices. Or when their teenager struggles with fitting in and finding their own identity often after being bullied or rejected from the "in crowd". Or when the client is fearful of launching their passion project or fear of leaving their 9 to 5 job or relationship because they want to build their dream life by reinventing themselves. The truth is people don't come to be because they have had enough of the same thing, but simply because they want more out of life than what they have or want a better quality life. 

J.J. understands the struggle...
J.J. understands the struggle...
Getting through one of the hardest times this nation has seen in decades was no easy task. The pandemic redefined what is possible and tested every man, woman and child to the core.  For a lot of people the hard part is just beginning and for some they are doing what they can to just get by. We have all faced our own challenges and having to battle our own inner voice should not be one of them!

I know what it's like to doubt myself, be forced to reinvent my life and have to pivot in a different direction without my permission. I also know what it's like to think that I can do it alone and as long as I can get through this, I will be ok. It's common practice in society today to avoid asking for help or admitting that things are not ok. After all, no one wants other people to see right through them... But what if that didn't matter? What if asking for help was a strength? Aren't you tired of struggling when so many are thriving?

Experience & Expertise
Growing up as a street kid since the age of 15 and traveling the world as an artist while facing a panel full of critics every day for over 25 years just to put food on the table, I would say became my university on the topic of the inner critic and it's where I got my masters degree on overcoming criticism and negative self talk. However my training and education didn't stop there, that was only the beginning.

Even though my  journey was an uphill battle coming from an abusive broken home, becoming someone else in my mind was not an act but an actual survival skill. I had to constantly adapt like a chameleon just to feel a sense of belonging which made me start loosing sight of who I really was. At the same time it is also what gave me the training and tools to turn this big bad bully inside of me that I call my, Little Inner Critic, from my enemy to my best friend. 

See what you value the most:

Street Smart
  • Born in a third world country in a broken home of violence, abuse, addiction and deception. 
  • ​At age 5, I started acting and performing creating characters and personalities to escape my own reality. 
  • Started working doing clerical work at 7 years old.
  • Moved to the U.S. at the age of 10 looking for a better way of life only to deal with constant bullying, being beat up and facing rejection for being different.
  • ​At 11, started building programs and mentoring other kids through performing arts. 
  • ​At 15, I ran away from home and dropped out of high school just so that I could get away from the bullying and abuse.
  • ​Started gang banging and built my first business selling marijuana on the streets at age 15.
  • ​Tried to take my own life at 17, luckily I was horrible at that. 
  • ​Became a High School teacher at 18 years old
  • ​By the time I was 21 I had won three world champion titles as one of the best performing athletes in the world.
  • ​At 37, successfully built a 6 figure business as a performer and had been traveling the world for 20 years.
  • Was in the top 1% of performing athletes representing Michael Jackson and Cirque Du Soleil for 7 years as an artists, choreographer and performance coach.
  • ​At 42, had accomplished more than 30 years of coaching and building programs while focusing on personal development from kids, teens to adults.
  • ​My mission includes: global prevention on the negative effects of our Inner Critic, empowering entrepreneurs, artists, coaches and athletes, teen suicide prevention and self development implementation for teens and young adults through school. 
  • ​AND being a bad ass fearless action taker and confidence builder.
Book Smart
  • High School G.E.D.
  • ​Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist
  • Neuro Linguistics Programming Specialist
  • Hypnotherapy Specialist
  • ​Time line Therapy Specialist
  • ​Peak Performance Coach 
  • ​Master Mindset Coach 
  • ​Graduate of the Tony Robbins' Mastery University and Leadership Academy Program
  • ​Former L.A.U.S.D High School Teacher & Coach
  • ​Former Performance Coach for Cirque Du Soleil
  • ​Author of "The Little Inner Critic"
  • ​International Award Winning  Performing Artist
  • ​International Motivational Speaker

"You have to hate something bad enough to want to change it or you will spend the rest of your life accepting it."

As a coach, mentor and performing artist who has reinvented his life more than a dozen times, I understand the reality and the importance of mastering and knowing how to manage your negative self talk. I respect the art form and have built the muscle of innovation, resourceful thinking, adapting to your environment and the importance of knowing exactly who you are, what you want and what you want to accomplish in your life time. 

We live in a world where the traditional way of success or what once was assumed to be the only way to succeed is no longer the only pathway to abundance. There are more creative geniuses, entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires that are being created because they tapped into their gifts and discovered their full potential. Not through traditional methods of schooling but through the new age knowledge industry or as graduates of the school of hard knocks. The one thing they all have in common is that they all found a way to overcome their inner critic and either consciously or subconsciously they figured out how to listen to the message through the madness. 

As the Confidence & High Performance Specialist, I get to use all of my skills, many of my talents, my life experience, both formal and informal educations, every messy situation and all of my successful endeavors, to help each and every single one of my clients succeed. From the aspiring coach who wants to break out of their corporate job to build a coaching program full time, the performing artist who wants to go from employee to entrepreneur, the athlete that lost their game and has no clue what to do after their career is over to the parent or child who just wants to be a better human being, mastering the inner critic will help each one of these examples succeed. 

As coaches and mentors we are often told to find one client that we want to serve that usually represents where we were 5 or 10 years ago. At one point or another I was all of those things! I was blessed to have many different lives and I have experienced enough life to know and understand that the Little Inner Critic has no prejudice to gender, age, sexual orientation, social status or religious or political belief. From the celebrity to the commoner or even from the rich to the poor, that little bastard will get every single one of us if we don't pay attention and face it rather than try to hide or run from it. With years of experience and expertise I have combined a life time of information to master how to build confidence, tenacity, resilience and discipline in all of my clients. 

I understand the struggle and can guide you through it with practical and sustainable methods, together we can build that unshakable confidence needed to never have to fear your own mind again. 

If you are ready to have a conversation, I am excited to speak with you. 

Hear What My Clients Are Saying
"Before entering the program with JJ I did not obtain significant goals and I let time pass me by. After participating I was able to change various habits in my life and apply them with extraordinary results."
Victor Pineda
Entrepreneur / Rotary Club
"I was able to find my strength and I discovered that I am powerful and there is greatness within me. I realized my inner critic was taking over and after working with JJ I realized I am love."
Kelly Díaz
Director / Actress
"What fascinated me about the type of coaching that JJ does is that he helped me identify that inner voice that was growing me. He made me see myself for who I really was and helped guide me find my strength to identify what I really wanted."
Robert Salih
Lawyer / Musician 
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