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Our mind can either make us or break us!  Far too often I see my clients hit a wall where nothing they do seems to be working, no matter what they try, their thought process gets stuck in a negative frame of mind like being stuck in a dark tunnel. They feel like there is more to life than what they are experiencing yet they have no idea how to start changing the patterns that prevent them from excelling or who to ask for help let alone they have little to no understanding on what is even wrong with them. They find themselves feeling like they are just existing or living in the same routine day after day. Their view of the world became somewhat bland and even though they've had success in life, it doesn't seem to be fulfilling enough to make them feel accomplished. 

With personal coaching you get back your power, confidence and zest for life. You learn skills that take you to the next level in your relationships, your business, your health and your personal life. You are able to let go of the things you once feared, painful memories that held you back and you will have clarity for what you want to achieve and you will have the tools to accomplish it. You will see and feel life differently as you become a magnet of abundance and happiness.

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As a Licenesed Neuroencoding Specialist, Peak Performance Mindset Coach and Inner Critic Expert, I am trained to address the problem not the symptom. My primary focus is helping my clients produce the best results. I can say with utter certainty that after spending thousands of hours helping people throughout the last 20 years, I came to realize that transformation is not possible nor sustainable if a person does not know how to speak to themselves or know how to think in an empowering way. This is why I help guide each one of my clients to gain clarity, unshakable confidence and strength to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Providing tools that expand their mental capability to live a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Now I know it may sound very "wooh wooh-ish" and you might be thinking, "I don't need this crap!" but PAY ATTENTION because you might need it more than you think... 

If we are all made up of energy and there are universal laws that work no differently than, the Law of Gravity, which have been undeniably proven by the greatest minds ever to have existed on earth, wouldn't it be worth knowing them? Understanding them? Implementing them in your life even if they would make your life just 1% better than you were yesterday? 

Just by applying the compound effect to your daily life of getting 1% better, it will give you exponential growth in life, relationships, health and business. So why not take the greatest shortcut to improve your life, avoid making the same mistakes, condense decades of information into days of implementation and have a personalized 1on1 mentor who can coach you through your toughest obstacles or what we call the blindspots in your life that prevent you from going further faster.  
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  • Procrastination: Putting things off to the last minute or when it's too late.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Feeling like you don't belong, not worthy, or undeserving.
  • Negative Self Talk: Constantly thinking negatively or like you're not good enough.
  • Fear: Afraid of failing or succeeding, trying new things, moving forward or missing out.
  • ​Self Doubt: Uncertain if you are capable of achieving, learning, growing, doing things.
  • Stress: Mental, physical or emotional strain or pressure to different circumstances.
  • Lack of Focus:  Unable to think concentrate or pay attention long enough to get your task done.
  • Comfort Zone: The safe place that prevents you from growing and trying new things.
  • Irritability: Easily irritatated or impatient at people, things or situations that quickly annoy you.
  • Shame: The feeling of embarrassment or humiliation regarding a situation based on your own perception of an event.
  • ​Unfulfillment: Feeling empty and dissatisfied with situations or circumstances in your life. 
  • Poor Decisions: Making bad choices when you know better but don't have the right frame of mind to think clearly.
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Hear What My Clients Are Saying
"Before entering the program with JJ I did not obtain significant goals and I let time pass me by. After participating I was able to change various habits in my life and apply them with extraordinary results."
Victor Pineda
Entrepreneur / Rotary Club
"I was able to find my strength and I discovered that I am powerful and there is greatness within me. I realized my inner critic was taking over and after working with JJ I realized I am love."
Kelly Díaz
Director / Actress
"What fascinated me about the type of coaching that JJ does is that he helped me identify that inner voice that was growing me. He made me see myself for who I really was and helped guide me find my strength to identify what I really wanted."
Robert Salih
Lawyer / Musician 
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