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Helping entrepreneurs, coaches, entertainers, athletes and artists get out of their head, eliminate negative self talk, overcome imposter syndrome while guiding them to step out of their comfort zone to be more successful in life and in business by getting further faster. Together we implement unshakable confidence, courage and resourceful thinking through emotional fitness, practical psychology tools and creating a massive action plan for success. 
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Delivering dynamic performances while creating an immersive experience for you and your guests as a Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Host or Emcee for both live and virtual events. 
Develop new skills in a whole new world with my innovative & transformational virtual programs. We will take your self development to the next level of success for your personal and professional growth. 
 Go further faster in half the time with personalized 1on1 coaching to develop your skills for your personal growth. Level up your relationships, business and confidence while mastering emotional intelligence.
Eliminate fear & anxiety while  as you learn the skills to become a powerful leader. Master how to understand, respect & love yourself as you build confidence, enhance social skills and create a successful future.
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5 Simple Steps On How To "Activate Your Confidence" To Help You Eliminate Negative Self Talk.
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To Achieve Success You Must Address What Is Getting In The Way...
  • Procrastination: Putting things off to the last minute or when it's too late.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Feeling like you don't belong, not worthy, or undeserving.
  • Negative Self Talk: Constant toxic conversations or feeling like you're not good enough.
  • Fear: Afraid of failing or succeeding, trying new things, moving forward or missing out.
  • ​Self Doubt: Uncertain if you are capable of achieving, learning, growing or doing new things.
  • Stress: Mental, physical or emotional strain or pressure to different circumstances.
  • Lack of Focus:  Unable to think concentrate or pay attention long enough to get your task done.
  • Comfort Zone: Staying in the safe place that prevents you from growing and trying new things.
  • Irritability: Easily irritatated or impatient at people, things or situations that quickly annoy you.
  • Shame: The feeling of embarrassment or humiliation regarding a situation based on your own perception of an event.
  • ​Unfulfillment: Feeling empty and dissatisfied with situations or circumstances in your life both from failures or success. 
  • Poor Decisions: Making bad choices when you know better but don't have the right frame of mind to think clearly to choose differently.
Don't worry those are just symptoms! The real problem is... 
Your Little Inner Critic! 
That's where I come in. I'm J.J. Villar. Personal Development & Peak Performance Coach, "The Inner Critic Expert" & the "Confidence Builder" you've been waiting for. 
Stop letting your head get in the way of your own SUCCESS.
This Is Your Chance To Claim Ownership Of Your Mind!
Hear What My Clients Are Saying
"Whats great about JJ is his incredible ability to connect with kids and adults of all ages. He has unbelievable energy and confidence, which makes him one of the most entertaining presenters and leaders you will ever see. He has vast amounts of experience in personal development, which allows him to train on potent and impactful topics."
Gerald Rogers
Founder of Legendary / Platinum Partner
"JJ has a gift because he helped me like no one else did. He got me out of the whole I was in and guided me to build the self confidence I had lost. I was able to get out of living in my own state of victimhood. You reminded me that asking for help was not a weakness but a strength.  "
Dayana Piña
Financial Coach
"For the last 11 years JJ has hosted our Gala event and each year he always delivers. He has been a favorite speaker by some of our attendees and produces magic year after year. I am honored to not only have him be part of the team but also part of our Office Dynamics Family."
Joan Burge
C.E.O. Office Dynamics 
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