Looking For A Dynamic Motivational Speaker Or Emcee For Your Live or Virtual Event?
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Looking For A Dynamic Motivational Speaker Or Emcee For Your Live or Virtual Event?
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J.J.'s Signature Talks
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Using entertainment and performance for decades to elude the hard reality of life, J.J. battled with identity issues, bullying, anxiety and depression behind closed doors while living life behind a mask. Growing up as an outcast, rejected by social groups and living a life of desperately seeking acceptance and approval, he was able to develop a self empowering formula that created the confident and successful man he is today. 

It's no secret that the unique blend of expertise between book and street smarts that J.J. brings to the stage is a sure fire way to inspire any crowd. With a vast level of experience and success in different areas of life and business as well as living different walks of life and understanding global points of views, thinking outside of the box and approaching life with an open mind is what gives each of his talks a special flare. Inspiring anyone to believe and know they are capable of being anything with the power to create their own kind of magic .

J.J. has dedicated his life to serving others and adding value to whatever he does. As an advocate of change and reinvention, his inspiration to help adults, teens, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists and athletes is deeply rooted into his soul. Shedding light to adults and teens that it doesn't matter what your story is or how you started, the only thing that matters is what you do with what you've been through. JJ inspires through tenacity, resilience and resourceful thinking while demonstrating that anything is possible.  

It's not about how many resources you have but how resourceful you are that creates success!

His Signature Motivational Talks Include:

5 Simple Steps To Turn Your Inner Critic From Your Enemy To Your Ally

It's easy to get caught up in your own head and believe the worst about yourself. Preventing yourself from success, creating healthy relationships or even experiencing extraordinary opportunities. Feeling like you are not good enough or even living like an imposter. If you struggle with your negative self talk and are tired of battling yourself, then you are in the right place.

You can easily learn the strategy to turn your inner critic into your best friend when you:

  • ​Learn the art of powerful questions to discern the message through the madness.
  • ​​Build emotional fitness when times are good through practical strategies that prepare you for when times are bad.
  • ​Understand your comfort zone is not your safe place.
  • ​Use resourceful thinking to help you follow the clues of successful people.
  • ​Implement the "So What" strategy of liberation. 

Dance Your Way To Greatness

Dance Your Way To Greatness

This unique and intriguing approach to building success takes on a life of its own with a fully immersive inspirational experience. Utilizing the same principles of the entertainment business that you must implement in order to be part of the top 1% of successful entertainers. This high energy must-see experience is designed to motivate entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, students, youth leaders and corporate employees to stop living behind a mask and learn how to create the leading character in their own story.    

Reinvent Your Life With Confidence

This invigorating talk is designed to inspire everyone who listens. After going through one of the most difficult time in our nations history, every single person will be inspired to see themselves through a new and empowering light. The art of pivoting and reinvention is truly an art form of courage, risk and resourceful thinking. Often what we fear the most is change yet change is the only thing that keeps us evolving. Being able to embrace the unknown with grace is the sign of a true champion and that is what this talk inspires in every listener, the ability to unleash the champion within.  

Dress For Success

Dress For Success

This theatrical and transformative talk is for leaders who want to build more leaders. Illustrating the importance of body language, appearance, confidence, courage, competence and charisma in order to be more successful in business. Most people go to work or do the same job and ask themselves, "How can I make more money?" or "How can I get ahead?" while doing the same thing day after day. The way to build more success is by adding more value to the work place, leveraging your X factor and more importantly dressing for the part you want not the part you have.

Host & Emcee
Live or Virtual... NO PROBLEM!
With 30 years of entertainment experience on the stage and in front of the camera, JJ will over deliver as the next Host or Master of Ceremonies for your upcoming virtual or live event. From award shows, product launches, leadership meetings and corporate events to self development seminars, charity events, fundraisers or high school rallies, J.J. has the ability to create an experience for all of your attendees no matter how big or how small the venue. Better known as the Dancing MC, J.J. always finds a way to create the right way to get people motivated, out of their chairs and moving their bodies for a memorable high energy impactful event. 
Hear What My Clients Are Saying
"Whats great about JJ is his incredible ability to connect with kids and adults of all ages. He has unbelievable energy and confidence, which makes him one of the most entertaining presenters and leaders you will ever see. He has vast amounts of experience in personal development, which allows him to train on potent and impactful topics."
Gerald Rogers
Founder of Legendary / Platinum Partner
"JJ has a gift because he helped me like no one else did. He got me out of the whole I was in and guided me to build the self confidence I had lost. I was able to get out of living in my own state of victimhood. You reminded me that asking for help was not a weakness but a strength.  "
Dayana Piña
Financial Coach
"For the last 11 years JJ has hosted our Gala event and each year he always delivers. He has been a favorite speaker by some of our attendees and produces magic year after year. I am honored to not only have him be part of the team but also part of our Office Dynamics Family."
Joan Burge
C.E.O. Office Dynamics 
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